Molecular Basics – Fundamental principles and recipes


This is the ABC of innovative cuisine. Heiko Antoniewicz describes the fundamentals of molecular cuisine by way of 60 fantastic recipes. For instance: Tomato Sheet with Goat’s Milk Cream Cheese, Scallops with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Woodruff Punch with Berries or Tee Pasta with Pineapple – just very few of the wide range of delicious dishes and drinks that can be made.

The recipes for spherification, making foams and gels, using thickeners as well as combining these pose no problems for beginners. There are many step-by-step descriptions, the different texturizers are clearly explained and the recipes are given in detail so that success is guaranteed.

ISBN: 9783875150346 // Preis: 42,00€ inkl. MwSt.


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